How far we’ve come…

I’ll admit I’m a little bit of a rowing geek to be reading Rowing Magazines from the 60′s…

But what’s more interesting than the fact that the 1967 Boat Race and HORR were on the same day is just how far we’ve come in 45 years… (keep reading)

Needless to say, the letter rightly prompted outrage and a torrent of critical responses in subsequent editions…

I can’t imagine what Mr Percy Barnsby would have to say about the Womens’ Boat Race being on the Tideway in 2015!


For your curiosity here are the responses from the following month’s edition:

4 Responses to “How far we’ve come…”

  1. Martin Gough says:

    Brilliant that he was a member of Furnivall – which was set up for women’s rowing. Wonder what the committee had to say!

  2. Scot says:

    Would like to make point that views have changed a bit at Furnivall since 1967…

  3. Dr. Furnivall would have turned in his grave!
    Great to see our dear John Robbins piping up and putting Barnsby in his place..
    I suspect it’s a wind up….

  4. Pauline Churcher (nee Baillie Reynolds) says:

    Like others who read Mr Barnsby’s article, I at first thought it was a joke but decided to wade in with a reply. If those of you who still have back numbers of “Rowing Magazine” continue to plough through them you will find that the idiot returned to the charge in a later edition, still as prejudiced as ever. I doubt if he is still alive as I imagine the continued progress and success of British women’s rowing must at some point have caused him to burst a blood vessel and/or drop dead of heart failure.

    Yours sincerely
    Pauline Churcher

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